If Only 100 Pesos More

Without Your generosity the Mujeres a Mujeres Fashion Show every year it would merely be a “really fun” afternoon.  But because everyone participates in the silent auction or the 50/50 drawing or the donation envelopes or ALL three, we can make a difference in the lives of nearly 30 young women, their families and our community.

Our students are studying medicine, teaching, accounting, social work, business, law and tourism.  Ten students are graduating this year, opening space for more aspiring professionals.

BUT, that’s all dependent on your generosity on Wednesday, Jan. 22nd at Rhapsody in Blue!  Last year, at Lady in Red, the guests on average, bought, gambled and donated an average of $558 pesos per person.  Many, many guests gave far more.

Just imagine if You and everyone attending committed to spending just $100 pesos more this year than they spent last year! That’s only an average of $5.26 USD and $6.84 CD. That would increase our profits by $40,000 pesos, guaranteeing we could continue our mission:  TO RAISE FUNDS TO ASSIST THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF JALTEMBA BAY.

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