Bring Those Pesos

You have your coveted ticket.

You’ve gathered nine of your BFF’s to join you at the table.

You have your knock out blue dress and maybe a matching chic hat.

And it’s fashion show day-

Is it just an afternoon of great food and drink, fun fashions and dancing?

It is that and more.

It is the only fund raiser to support over 25 local young women in achieving their advanced education goals.

It is an opportunity to provide fiscal support to Cancer de Mama and GEMA.  And to provide Christmas food baskets to over 40 families of need.

Your ticket of 500 pesos can’t support all of that. We need you to come to the event of the season prepared to bid high and bid often on great Silent Auction items.

Buy a stream of 50/50 tickets with a chance to win thousands of pesos.

And to be generous in filling our donation envelopes.

Help us make this “the best one yet” with your generous heart and pocketbook.  So…….


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