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• Women to Women / Mujeres a Mujeres is an organization with a mission to assist women and children of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico. Jaltemba Bay is on the coast of Nayarit that consists of three small towns, Los Ayala, Rincon De Guayabitos and La Penita de Jaltemba.
• We are strictly volunteers, a non-profit which means that 100% of your donation is used for helping low-income women and children.
• We believe that educated women can change the world.

Current Status
• 2022 finds us still in a pandemic. Meanwhile our lives have gone on. Due to the generosity of our donors, the young women of Jaltemba Bay remained at Colleges and Universities last year.
• Thankfully, our main fund raiser, “The Fashion Show” will resume in January 2023!!
• Our Board of Volunteers is committed to continuing the scholarship program, enabling local women to study medicine, social work, accounting, tourism, dentistry, nursing, engineering and other programs.

• Please show your support for the Women to Women scholarship program by donating today. We always have more requests from local students than we have money and it is very difficult to turn away a deserving young woman.
• 12,000 pesos average will help to provide economic support for one of our young ladies for a year. This is about 600 US/800 CA. Be a sponsor.
• You can be an individual sponsor or challenge your group to be a sponsor. We have a book club in Canada and a group of South Dakota girlfriends who are group sponsors. If you can’t be a full sponsor, any amount will help.

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Donate ButtonCovers the average cost of a year of education for a young woman. $600US ($12,000Pesos)

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  Canadians can e-transfer to smallwoodrobi@gmail.com

If you would like more information regarding who we are, what we do, our scholarship recipients, past projects, etc., please visit our website at https://mujeresamujeres.com