Women to Women Gala Slated for January 30, 2019

Fashion Show LIRMark your calendars in red for the next Women to Women Fashion Show to be held Wednesday, January 30, 2019. Imagine the Guayabitos Plaza adorned with beautiful ladies dressed in powerful red. Wow!  This year’s theme for the party, “Lady in Red,” begs for fashion passion.  Don’t miss the largest show along the coast! What a statement you will make against the pristine white tables and tents. We challenge you to be dramatic: will it be a sexy red cocktail dress or a pure white ensemble with scarlet accessories?  We can’t wait to see red!

The current Women to Women Fashion  Show initiatives includes 27 university grants-a major accomplishment; 44 food bags for needy families at Christmas; a $20,000 grant to GEMA, a shelter for abused women; and supplying daily breakfast to low-income students attending the local middle school.

All of this year-round giving to the community is accomplished from this one event.  As the sole fundraiser for the group, the Fashion Show has a huge responsibility: provide a classy party that entertains the guests; support the local designers and area businesses; generate funds for initiatives. For fifteen years FS group has exceeded their goals-thanks to your support!

The Fashion Show Committee looks forward to seeing you on the red carpet in 2019. Like & follow our Facebook page for updates and join our Facebook group to be a part of the conversation. To donate or volunteer, please email Robin: rriemcke@aol.com or May: may.mackay@shaw.ca

wwfs flower square