THANK YOU, 2019 Sponsors!

When you are looking for goods and services in the Jaltemba Bay area, please consider choosing our sponsors.  Their generosity is a huge part of what makes Fashion Show such an incredible success, and part of why Jaltemba Bay is such an amazing community to belong to.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone supporting Fashion Show 2019!  We truly appreciate your generous contributions!

Fashion Show 2019: SOLD OUT!!!

WOW!!  What an incredible show this is turning out to be!  We sold out in record time, so we added more tables, and sold out again … ONE DAY!!

We understand there is some disappointment for those who were unable to get tickets in time but we are unable to add more tables.  HOWEVER, we have a waitlist started in case there is someone unable to attend.

In order to keep this first-come-first-served, we will only be accepting waitlist requests through Marilyn on Facebook Messenger.

Click HERE to message Marilyn about the waitlist. To avoid confusion, please keep it short & sweet – how many tickets you are looking for and how you would like to be contacted should some become available.

The Power Of Red At Work This Summer


Red is strong. Red is controversial; Red is fashionable. Red can look extremely stylish while oozing confidence. Red is an attention-grabbing outfit color that will make you the center of attraction every single time you wear it.

There is a fashion theory called the Red Dress effect. It states that if you wear red you will look more appealing and attractive to others than if you are wearing any other color.
For example, red lipstick is a classic. Red pumps trump all other shoes in making you look the star of the party. And the Little Red Dress is fast replacing the Little Black Dress because red is often associated with sensuality. Regardless of your take on the
psychology of wearing RED, it is an enriching color; it can make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Imagine a whole team of talented, caring women channelling the power of red throughout the year. That’s exactly what the Women to Women Fashion Show Committee does by supporting 21 local young women to attend university and funding the Center for Abused Women, GEMA. The needs of the Jaltemba Bay community are continuous and ongoing; Fashion Show works throughout the year to help. With school back in session, junior high age children from needy families are receiving free breakfast funded by Fashion Show event.