Sydney Richmond ~ Sydney’s Swimwear



For most women, shopping for a proper fitting swimsuit is fraught with stress: seldom do we have a body that matches   readymade sizes.  We convince ourselves that the fit will be okay if we tug here or pin there, oh well, make the best of it because it is a beautiful color. Enter custom clothing designer Sydney Richmond with 31 years of sewing expertise and who specializes in stretchy active-wear garments.  “It’s all about recognizing human anatomy, knowing how the garment will be required to move, and understanding the properties of the fabrics,” explains Sydney. 

PerhapsSydney’s keen eye for color, texture, and design were gleamed from having lived in several countries and internalizing different cultures. Born inCanadato English parents, the family relocated toSouth Africawhen she was two years old, asSydney’s father designed mining equipment. After high school inSouth Africa, she elected to study midwifery inEngland. Upon becoming a certified Midwife and registered Nurse,Sydneylost her English work permit and relocated toVancouver,British Columbiain her early twenties. It was inVancouverthatSydneymet and married Ian- they have been married 37 years. “I’ve moved 40 times in my life,” she said with a laugh, “and I enjoy this community so much.  We’ve traveled all overMexico, and chose to live in Guayabitos because of the good people, culture, and relaxed living.”