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Lucy Moreno | Taya’hu

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For those that enjoy casual beach wear, Riviera Nayarit designer, Lucy Moreno, is an excellent choice.  Senora Lucy is well known in the local community for her volunteering and her quality line of clothing for children, men and women.  All of her fashions are 100% prewashed cotton that are perfect for tropical, coastal living.  Even more exciting for the mature customer, Lucy’s boutique carries attractive and stylish ‘plus sizes’ that are difficult to find inMexico. “I want all of my customers to feel comfortable and look good” said Lucy. The fashions carrying Lucy’s ‘Taya’hu’ label are handmade in La Penita and are her original designs.

Lucy’s lifelong sewing hobby grew into a thriving business nine years ago.  Her altruistic design philosophy is part of the reason her clothes are in such demand:  “I tell my customers, don’t worry about what other people say is fashionable….. style is what you feel good in and that suits how you live.  Don’t try to dress like you are 18; love being your age and accept your size.  When you feel fresh and feminine and beautiful, that’s fashion.”  Lucy’s shop offers pants sets, blouses, dresses for casual and more elaborate occasions, as well as beach outfits.