Gella Navarro ~ Galion

Gella Navarro  –  Galion

cell:  322 191 8637

At TzinTzunTzan Boutique – Bahia de Manzanillo 9A, La Penita

Her Galion label clothes are sold in several countries.  In fact, Gella earned the Mexican fashion industry’s highest award for several years (1985-87) for the most foreign clothing sales. Other notable events in her long professional career are producing wardrobe for the movie “Cocoon” and for Bette Midler.

Gella’s trademark style is luxurious tactile combinations that creatively blend several fabric types to form a 3-D garment. As a tribute to her Mexican heritage, Gella frequently includes hand-beaded embellishments.  The results are unique garments that have the look of artwork.

“My design philosophy is to take elements from the Mexican artisans, use organic Mexican fabrics to create fashions. I was the first to combine jute and cotton for casual wear; the first designer to prewash fabrics before the garments are cut out,” she proudly relates.  For 36 years Gella worked hard to develop the quality that the Galion label stands for and to earn respect for Mexican designs in the international fashion market.  “I feel euphoric when I complete the process from imagining the design, creating the pattern, selecting the right materials, cutting and then sewing the garment to end up with a unique, comfortable, and beautiful garment.”