TY Bikinis Y Mas

Monica Moreno ~ TY Bikinis Y Mas

TY Bikinis y Mas is a tribute to a proud family and a tale of three talented sisters. Not only is the TY Bikinis sportswear perfect for vacation or dining out in the tropics but it offers quality fabric and construction as well as a comfortable fit.

The family team at TY Bikinis works together to develop fashion-forward designs in swim wear, blouses, sundresses and beach cover ups. It’s easy to see why women have flocked to the TY Bikinis tent at the area outdoor markets: huge selection of colors, sizes and styles are available for a reasonable price. These dresses are perfect for resort life-style and warm climate!

The history of the present day company begins nearly 40 years ago when Moreno’s maternal grandmother had a knack for transforming fabric into stunning dresses with mere hand-stitching. Another grandmother, Ramona Sanchez, was well-known for creating ladies’ undergarments and sleep wear. Sanchez taught her daughters, one of whom was Moreno’s mother, Teresa Chavez. But Chavez had big entrepreneurial dreams. She set out to build a large business and borrowed money to buy the first industrial machines on the market. Mother Teresa taught her three daughters- Alejanda Moreno Chavez, Magdelena Moreno Chavez, and Monica Moreno Chavez- to sew at an early age.  Today, that skill and teamwork is evident.


  TY Bikinis Y Mas

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Edited from original article by Tara Spears