Record Number of Fashion Show Grants: Party with Impact

Thank you to all of the generous people that attend the gala Women to Women Fashion Show each January! Your support enables the Fashion Show team to presently award an amazing 26 university grants. What a wonderful impact this party – our only fundraiser – has on the rural community of Jaltemba Bay. Over the last 15 years the annual show has grown to be the largest charity event in Riviera Nayarit. Fashion Show Grants give wings to the talented young women that enable them to reach for their dreams. It is an honor to introduce the students:

2017-2018 Grant Recipients appear in alphabetical order with their field of study below their name; with the new awardees first.

Rubi Ayon, Graphic Design  /  Kenia Cervantes, International Logics

Marisol Sanchez, Tourism  /  Cristine Vera, Residential Architecture

    Ana Arechinga, Business Administration  /  Abigail Bartolon, Physical Therapy  /  Edith Bernal, Onocology Nurse

    Magaly Cardenas, Nutritionist  /  Bernice Contreras, Accounting  /  Elena Encisco, Pediatrician/MD

    Andrea Espinosa, Accounting  /  Estefania Fierro, Nutrition  /  Zulma Garcia, Business Law

    Paulina Guiterrez, Medical Doctor  /  Dessire Mera, Architect  /  Nicole Mera, Medical Doctor, Research

    Cinthia Monserrat, Lawyer  /  Daniela Montes, Orthopedic MD  /  Minerva Morales, Lawyer

Katia Navero, MD/Surgeon  /  Blanca Perez, Food Prep/Education  /  Karla Soltero, Veterinarian

Viky Robeles, Communication Sciences  /  Linda Ruiz, Phlebotomist  /  Erica Santiago, Xray Nurse

Since the students know that the Fashion Show grants have rigorous standards, the students are proud to be a recipient. “I’m one of the lucky ones,” said Edith with tears in her eyes. “Fashion Show (grant) is giving me a chance to make a difference!” The majority of these young women would not be able to attend university without the FS financial support. Elena said, “I worked so hard all four years of preppa (high school). It was scary to realize that having excellent grades and a big dream wasn’t enough to get into university. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Fashion Show!” Each one of the current 26 students is so deserving and so talented.

Marysol Vargas, Ecological Tourism

Congratulations to all these women who strive for a better future for themselves, their family, their community. Each student is bright eyed with anticipation for the next step in her life. Look at those smiles! The Women to Women Fashion Show Committee is proud to support the effort of so many women to achieve a career through higher education.

Help Women to Women Fashion Show celebrate the tenacity and talent of our local young women as they pursue a university education at the next show Wednesday, January 24, 2018. The theme is Las Vegas Style so get your sultry going, girlfriends. See you there!

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by Tara A. Spears
November 1, 2017