GEMA ~ Groupo Especial de Mujeres Aprendiendo

Abuse and abandonment of women and children is a huge problem in our area with absolutely no government support.  Unfortunately, the police will not respond to a domestic violence situation.

The GEMA program is run solely by Mexican couple, who realized the need for a safe space for abused and/or abandoned women and their children.  This couple pays for most of the expenses themselves to shelter, feed, give respite and train the women who come to them.

15-20 women and their children meet at the shelter twice per week.  The women learn beneficial life skills through training and education.  They receive group therapy to overcome depression and anxiety.  The group works on personal empowerment, helping these women to create a better life with confidence, self- respect, and Independence.  They encourage and support each other, forming a strong bond.  They realize they are no longer alone!

Oscar runs the Children’s Program at the same time, enabling them to have some fun and help them forget their problems and home life.  To be a child again!

In addition to the empowerment program.  GEMA has also rescued more than 20 women and their children from dangerous situations over the last year and a half.  They are cared for, loved, and receive professional counseling.  When they are ready, they are sent to a safe-haven with some provisions, for a new start.

GEMA has also been able to provide couples counseling which, in some cases, has been successful in rescuing an abusive relationship.