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Lantana by Evelyn Flores ~ Beachwear and more!

Talented young designer, Evelyn Flores, has a need to create beautiful things. Whether it is jewelry, stunning swimsuits, or art, Evelyn visualizes color and texture into a unique design. “I’ve always loved color and how different fabrics look on the body,” explained Evelyn. “I enjoy working with my hands and creating beautiful things.” Her biggest satisfaction as a designer is seeing her product make her customer happy.
Like a true artist, Evelyn is passionate about fashion design. “For any swim suit or clothes to have my brand, I demand that the garment meet my quality standards. My design philosophy is that all Lantana beachwear must be perfectly constructed from top quality fabric that is fade resistant and durable material. I take pride in knowing that my swimwear will not only be beautiful but hold up to real use.” Evelyn’s long term goal is to have a string of ocean front swim wear shops in various towns.
Just the selection of her boutique name, Lantana, has an interesting backstory. “When I was dreaming of opening my own store, I wanted the name to stand for my ideals,” explained Evelyn. “I wanted to honor my country so I chose a native Mexican flower. Lantana is durable, it is beautiful, it’s delicate all at the same time. And it has a wonderful variety of colors, just as my garments do!” When asked about the styles Lantana is presenting at the 2020 Fashion Show, “I would define them as romantic and feminine.”
No matter what your body shape- mature or different size top/bottom- Evelyn can create a lovely, comfortable swimsuit just for you. Stop by the boutique to browse the samples or bring in a swimsuit picture from a magazine. Lantana also offers beach cover ups, hats, and original jewelry that Evelyn makes.

Lantana 322-150-90-72

Open Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 2:00 pm / 4:00 – 8:00pm.
Alfredo V. Bonfil #21  LaPenita




Edited from original article by Tara Spears